Learn Numpy with easy mini tutorials. Numpy is a scientific computing package. Numpy operations are highly optimized therefore handling huge data with numpy is much faster. Most production apps use numpy because of its speed and stability. Firstly, Numpy Vectorization makes matrix calculations blazing fast. Secondly, it is purely pythonic consequently it is an ideal choice for Data Scientists, ML Engineers.

Numpy thatascience | Learn Numpy for Machine Learning
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Why learn Numpy?

  • Coding in python gives you speed, and fast prototyping capability. 
  • Syntax is highly readable almost like reading english hence it is easier and faster to debug.
  • Most noteworthy is that it has got superb community support and great documentation. 
  • Python stack i.e. Numpy, Scipy, Sklearn, Pandas, and matplotlib are full fledged stable libraries that enable us build production level applications.
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