10 Data Science Projects to Nail a Data Science Job with ease

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Data Science Projects for your resume and data science interview. In demand data science skills and techniques used in these projects. Use these projects on your resume to get your resume shortlisted and crack those data science interviews by explaining the projects and concepts in your interviews.

Don’t do any project, Do what makes impact on your resume and your portfolio.

  • 10 Data Science Projects + (3 Bonus Projects) : Impactful projects.
  • End to End projects from beginning to conclusion.
  • Projects include in demand skills
    • Clustering
    • Classification
    • Regression
    • Visualization
    • Data Wrangling
    • Data Cleaning
    • Data Analysis
    • Cross Validation
    • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Code as well as concepts well explained
  • Pre executed cells with output
  • No Environment Setup or installation Issues

12 reviews for 10 Data Science Projects to Nail a Data Science Job with ease

  1. William S.

    This is really good for Data Science and Machine Learning interviews. Please create a bundle of projects for Deep Learning interviews.

  2. George Skye

    Projects are thorough and with outputs, helps go through them a breeze.

  3. James Dickson

    I am a fresher and all the interviewers are looking for experience. These projects helped me showcase my skills and advanced concepts.

  4. Salma Smith

    These projects were a real help. Thorough concepts , analysis and best part for it was all ready, didn’t have to go through setup and library issues.

  5. Nelson Torres

    Detailed projects and advanced techniques. Pretty insightful and useful for interviews.

  6. Olivia Brown

    Overall a great resource. A suggestion, add more projects.

  7. Miranda M.

    Super !!! Information well conveyed. Detailed projects and concepts with advanced tricks.

  8. Dorian L

    Best thing about this is, it takes very less time to go through all the projects and concepts. A good resource to prepare for a data science job.

  9. Deepak Rathore

    Great concepts and techniques to create machine learning models. Really Helpful not just for interviews but for learning also.

  10. Wesley Smith

    Complete code with concepts and output. I found this useful to prepare projects thoroughly and in a very short duration. Thanks a lot !!!

  11. Yin Dan

    I was getting rejected in interviews because I had no good projects. I put 4 projects in the resume from these 13 projects and explained them well, got selected. These projects turned out to be a great help. Thanks a lot.

  12. Joshua P.

    This is an amazing resource. In-depth and effective. My resume got shortlisted finally. I wish I had found this earlier.

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